Help From an Unlikely Source

Nov - 02 2016 | By

We wanted to give a great big Thank You to an unsung hero from last weeks furnace debacle here at the hotel!

As many know, our main furnace / boiler system malfunctioned at the hotel, leaving no heat for our guests! Temperatures were below freezing so, bursting pipes was also in the back of our mind if something didn’t get fixed quickly.

Little did we know that a St. Louis based HVAC owner / technician was staying at the hotel and would come to our rescue.

It had been several hours since the heat was turned off and we began getting calls to the front desk asking what the deal was and when it was going to be fixed. Well, one of those callers was Wayne Melancon, owner of St. Louis Heating and Cooling. Instead of complaining, he explained who he was and offered his help.

Mr. Melancon worked with our in-house team for a few hours and was able to fix the furnace. Turns out, some wiring shorted out and fried a few ends, shutting the entire heating system down.

So Thank You Mr. Melancon and if you know somebody in the St Louis area, tell them to call St Louis Heating and Cooling for all their furnace repairs in St Louis this winter! You can also find out more information here.